We are hosting the Queer in AI @ NeurIPS 2018 satellite workshop

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While great progress has been made in queer rights, support is still lacking for queer people at many research organizations and institutions. Cultures of de facto don’t ask don’t tell and ostracism discourage young queer people from joining our exciting and important field and force queer scientists in AI/ML to live painful lives.

Queer In AI’s mission to make the AI/ML community one that welcomes, supports, and values queer scientists. We accomplish this by building a visible community of queer and ally AI/ML scientists through meetups, poster sessions, mentoring, and other initiatives.

We also recognize the growing impact AI/ML has on people and the potential for these powerful learning and classification technologies to out queer people, in addition to other issues. Therefore, another central part of our mission is raising awareness of these issues in the general community and encouraging and highlighting research on and solutions to these problems.

Queer in AI Leadership

William Agnew

Founding President

Raphael Gontijo Lopes

Founding Treasurer
Founding Corporate Outreach Director

Eva Breznik

Founding Communications and Media Director